Our Products

All our products have been designed to work together or individually, so you have the freedom to subscribe to the products that best support your kid’s unique learning journey.

Educational gaming

The Last Explorer

The Last Explorer is a collecting, crafting, and exploration game. To progress, kids will have to undertake mini learning games. Here’s why it works:

Makes learning addictive

Keeps screen time positive

Proven to increase learning efficiency or capacity

Test-based gameplay supports knowledge retention

Complements classroom or homeschool learning

Teaches traditional subjects, as well as skills for the future economy

Tracks and adapts to performance and interests

Project Pods

It’s important for kids to connect with other people as they learn. Project pods are educator facilitated sessions that teach kids critical skills through discussion and collaboration, all within a game setting.

To encourage engagement and avoid Zoom fatigue project pods take place in a fun, engaging and interactive space. Here’s why it works:

Proven to have better long-term outcomes.

Develop critical thinking and problem-solving.

3-5 person groups encourage collaboration.

More affordable than one-to-one tutoring

Encourages lifelong learning over memory retention

Group mentorship

Unlike the project pods, our group mentorship program is designed to inspire your kid by teaming them up with an experienced mentor. Our mentors include successful entrepreneurs and recent college graduates, who can help kids see a path from their interests and strengths to the next step in their education journey or career. Here’s why it works:

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