Introducing Group Mentorship

group mentorship

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Working in teams is a successful strategy to accomplish big goals. As adults we learn to divide labor among teams and individuals to achieve the final outcomes but individual endeavors can benefit from group accountability and guidance as well.

With this in mind and growing research about the benefits of group mentorship among high school students we have released group mentorship pods to help students navigate some of the challenges of middle and high school to help learners set and achieve their personal goals.

How does the mentorship work?

Lernip’s Group Mentorship brings together students interested in achieving a shared personal goal and hosts weekly meetings facilitated by an experienced mentor who specializes in the group’s shared goal to coach them through the experience.

For example, students applying to college will be paired with an experienced college counselor who will coach students through the application process. The facilitator will create milestones for the participants like narrowing down college choices and crafting personal statements while curating conversations among students to cultivate shared experience.

Research about the group mentoring format suggests that its effectiveness is partly driven by the dynamic relationships created within the group. In addition to a relationship between the learner and the mentor the peer relationships contribute to shared connections that students leverage to achieve and commit to their own goals.

What’s next

Future group mentorship programs will explore professional development, including exploring different career paths and transitioning to high school as well as higher education.

Lernip’s group mentorship is offered virtually in an interactive Gather.town world offers a novel environment that cultivates community. Shifting beyond just a virtual environment to an environment fosters a more interactive conversation.

In the future, Lernip also aspires to expand group mentorship into one-on-one mentorship as well that will connect students with professionals to help them explore career opportunities and gain insights about important skills to have.

Lernip’s holistic approach to creating life-long learners has multiple facets but the community element of group mentorship is the pinnacle to students working in groups to achieve their personal goal leaning into experienced leadership to achieve said goal.

Sounds like something for you?

If you’re interested in joining a mentor group or take our survey to sign up for updates.

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group mentorship

Introducing Group Mentorship

Working in teams is a successful strategy to accomplish big goals. As adults we learn to divide labor among teams and individuals to achieve the

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